Looking Glass

Type of Query Additional parameters Node
 bgp advertised-routes


  * remote LG script


Disclaimer: All commands will be logged for possible later analysis and statistics. If you don't like this policy, please disconnect now!

Communities RedeISP
Community Descricao
26539:666 Blackhole
26539:667 Blackhole internacional
26539:10099 Nao anuncia para nenhum Transit
26539:20099 Nao anuncia para nenhum Peering
26539:20299 Nao anuncia para Peering com Google
26539:20199 Nao anuncia para Peering com Facebook
26539:30099 Nao anuncia para nenhum CDN
26539:31299 Nao anuncia para CDN Netflix
26539:31099 Nao anuncia para CDN Google

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